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Get ready to show some serious love for the best country ever with this top-notch custom chenille patch featuring our stylized American flag.

Iron-On Patch Instructions

  1. Lay the clean garment on a flat surface.
  2. Turn the iron on. Ensure steam is off with no water in the iron. Set the temperature to the right fabric setting.
  3. Place the patch (facing up) onto the garment where desired. Place a thin (cotton) cloth over the patch area.
  4. Apply pressure with the iron in circular motions for 10-30 seconds over the patch area to ensure adhesion. Allow the patch to cool.
  5. Flip the garment inside-out, apply direct heat (or place a thin cloth over it to avoid a burnt effect on your garment before applying heat) with the iron onto the areas until adhered. Once again, allow the patch to cool.
  6. Check if the patch has adhered completely. (Repeat steps 4-6 if necessary).
  7. It’s now ready to wear! Enjoy your newly patched garment
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